Bavaria 32 Furling Main 21.0 7.0US/oz
Battened Main 24.2 7.0US/oz  
Genoa Roller 25.0 6.3US/oz  
Cruising Spinnaker 64.0 0.9US/oz  
Furling Main 32.0 8.0US/oz  
Bavaria 40 Battened Main 37.0 9.0US/oz  
Genoa Roller 41.0 8.0US/oz  
Cruising Spinnaker 104.0 1.5US/oz  
Bavaria 50 Furling Main 42.5 9.0US/oz  
Battened Main 50.0 10.0US/oz  
Genoa Roller 76.5 9.0US/oz  
Cruising Spinnaker 124.0 1.5US/oz  
JEANNEAU Sun Odyssey 32 Full batten Main 27 Bainbridge OCEAN 7oz  
Furling Genoa 31 Bainbridge  OCEAN 7oz  
Sun Odyssey 36 Furling Main 33 Bainbridge OCEAN 7oz
Furling Genoa 31 Bainbridge  OCEAN 7oz
Sun odd 42 Furling Main 35 Bainbridge OCEAN 8.5 oz
Furling Genoa 42  Bainbridge OCEAN 8.5 oz
Sun Odyssey 44 Furling Main 37 Bainbridge OCEAN 9.0
Furling Genoa 53 Bainbridge OCEAN
Sun Odyssey 52 Full batten Main 45 Bainbridge OCEAN 9.5
Roller Genoa 66 Bainbridge OCEAN  


Our Hardware is from Howe&Bainbridge-Aquabatten.

The construction is for heavy-duty treatment, reinforced in the places that are more sensitive to be damaged. Like Batten pockets, stitching, reefs, leech points and others.


In these Prices the sails are complete, ready to install and sail.

If  there is demand for Bainbridge Square , then, add 10% on the price

For other types of cloth like Dimension / Polyant sailcloth please contact us