The MAINSAILS that are designed and constructed in our loft are made for the type of sailing that you do: Charter, Cruise, Cruiser/Racer, Club Racing, and Full Racing. Depending on the type of Boat you have and specially your type of rigging.

The Trimming in our sails is easy because of the designed shape. The panel layout depends on the type of Fabric we use, in each sail separately and in its force characteristics.

The Fabrics that we use are from the top sailcloth lofts in the world: Dimension Polyant and Howe and Bainbridge. Also the hardware is from Howe and Bainbridge.

We give priority to the construction. The twenty-five years of sail- making has taught as all the major problems that a sail may have and we reinforce them singularly. Places like batten pockets, seams, reefs, Luff-Tape, and specially the leech. We also reinforce the attachment of ropes to the sails in each corner of the sail with leather.

We can assure you that the Mainsail that you get from us will respond easier to any kind of Trim you want. It will reduce the weather helm and help in the performance. It will surely get you away from repairs and make your boat fly. We hope to make you proud with the sail you get from our Loft.