Offshore cruising sails

Offshore  Cruising  Sails

After 40 years of experience we at Kakitsisails know  which is the right sail for the Rig of your boat. In these years we have built a very good reputation for our designs and production of Fast and Durable sails. That sums up the manufacture of our three main categories : Cruise , Racer-cruiser and Regatta.

During the years we have cooperated with the leading manufacturers of sailcloth and hardware. This gives us the ability to obtain first quality materials at very competitive prices (value for Money).

With the 3D Computer design, Plotter and the best Machinery and also the top working staff ( Technically educated and experienced )

We now manufacture sails much quicker than before without compromising on the Quality.

Based on the above and knowing the needs of the yacht market we improved the  Charter-Cruising sails. You can now get first quality (stabilized) sails at Lower prices.

This means that you can only gain from Kakitsisails