Our company


We believe in direct contact with our customers

Each sail has a specific purpose that it has been designed for on each boat with specific rigging and in specific conditions.

We hence believe in direct contact with our customers and we accept with great joy and pleasure your encouraging thanking remarks. Being direct and this simple encouragement for our efforts help us in the last 27 years to improve the quality of our sails.

Confidence for the result. .
Using the best sailcloth and hardware with the latest designs and construction methods, we are confident for the result. So many years of dealing with the biggest companies suppliers in the worlds stock markets. So many years of research updating and continues top level racing has made your sails the best for the reason you want them.

High Quality and Lower Cost:

With such high quality of design and construction, we have achieved to maintain our price range low by organising our production line and by reducing construction times with CAD equipment. We import all construction materials directly from the best providing houses from all over the world with which we have being dealing with for over 15 years. We avoid representatives of multinational companies and dealers of all kinds that might affect the cost and our direct contact with our customers. This results in our customers being the proud owners of “Expensive” sails in low prices.



Fast Sails-Wide Wind Range:
Our 3D design methods, continuous development, racing experience, tests and comparisons between similar boats have helped us achieve the highest design standard possible. Our basic concern is to use the right fabric by using its distribution in such a way as to expand the range that it can be used in depending on the forces acting on the sails and the sailing angle. By doing this we avoid frequent sail changes and hence we can reduce the yacht expenses and the continuous sail changes that the crew would have to perform. It is not just by accident that yachts racing with our sails are always on the top of all races that they participate.

Long-lasting strong sails:

Our experience has taught us that wear and tear on a sail is due to its use and due to stress caused by the wind. On these particulars areas of strain we give special attention to detail by strengthening these areas (batten pockets, seams, leech strengthening, luff strengthening, angles and other areas depending on their uses) by using the best quality materials possible.

Sail specifications:

Our pursuit for excellence and our responsibility along with our knowledge and experience make our sails the highest specification possible. Specs that make our sails easy to use, resistant to wear and tear, easy to trim by the crew and not causing any strains on the yacht or the rigging.